Studying and Revision Guide

As some of you may be aware, I am currently approaching my GCSE exams. Although it is a stressful time I have found that I am relatively calm (compared to most of my friends). I'm not sure exactly why this is as I have the sam amount of work as most have at this time but I thought I would share some of my studying and revision tips...

Revision Timetable - For me making a revision timetabel was all about making sure that I had enough time to do each subject as I am doing both art and textiles which means a lot of coursework. 

Background Music - Although this doesn't work for everyone I personally find that good upbeat background music helps me to stay motivated especially if it is something I find challenging.

Days or Evenings Off - When you are in the midst of exams it can seem a strange idea to stop working but I'm pretty sure I wouldnt have been able to continue revising without something to look forward to.

Snacks and Drinks - Despite probably not being the best in the long run I do quite like having a little snack to nibble on and a drink. This week I made my own honey roasted almonds and bought a few cartons of vita coco.

Colour Coding Highlighters - This is something I picked up whilst having a session with an english tutor. I found using different coloured highlighters for highlighting different themes in my books allowed it to become much clearer to me.

Work Station - For the first two days of Easter holidays I worked downstairs, what a mistake. My house is always busy so dogs, builders, family and friends were constantly rushing through and distracting me. I know it isn't possible for everyone but having moved up to a desk in my own room I know that I am so much more focussed. 

Good Luck!



  1. I agree with all your tips completely :) Although my revision and work music has to be something without lyrics, because I find myself getting distracted by the words!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥

  2. Music is my life saver and the only way I can work! xxx

  3. Great tips! I think sticking to a timetable is so handy and I get so much more done if i have goals set down!