Lush Snowman Invasion* Review

LUSH Snowman Invasion £7.25*

LUSH have alwys been my 'go to' shop for bathbombs and natural skincare yet with this product I have been left someonewhat disappointed. The Snowman Invasion gift set is the second smallest of thier christmas gift sets and contains two full sized bath bombs: snowman and cinders.

To start with I feel that the quality of the bombs is worse than those on the counter as you cannot see them when you are buying. The red popping candy on Cinders had all fallen off and the snowman was lopsided as you can see from the photo. The second compaint I have about this is that the gift set costs £7.25 and if youwere to buy the bath ballistics induvidually it would be £4.95. That means you are paying an extra £2.30 for wrapping (check out Becky's post for more about this). I know some people may be happy with this but to me I feel sets like this should promote good value for money.

The two bathbombs in the set are:

Cinders Bath Ballistic - This smells heavenly of cinnamon before use but once in the bath it becomes barely noticeable. When I put it in my bath it only fizzed for a few seconds before dissolving. I also expected it to turn my bath an orange colour but it was actually a rather unplaesant shade of yellow

Snowman Bath Ballistic - The snowman with cocoa butter is aimed to moisturise on a cold winters night. When added to my bath it was a light pink colour and had little oily droplets floating on the top which looked great promising. The smell was a yummy mix of cocoa and vanilla. Although it didn't do anything miraculous I did notice it did moisturise me a bit more.

Overall I feel that although the set would make a nice stocking filler it is overpriced. The bath bombs are nice enough but are not anything special.

Let me know how you feel about LUSH gift sets.



  1. So many fun things from Lush this season, the snowman is adorable :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. I do love Lush and love all of their Christmas products but I agree about how overpriced the packaging is. You could easily wrap them up yourself for less than the difference!


  3. I looooove Lush and especially all their Christmas products! So lovely. x

  4. I completely agree with this, I always love their products for their benefits but when I bought the Festive Goodies box a lot of the products were damaged so I think they put the bad ones in them as people wouldn't normally choose them xx

  5. The difference in price seems so not worth it, you rather buy the products alone and wrap them up yourself, that way you can at least make sure they're whole and everything... I've never tried their sets before (they're totally overpriced in my country) but after reading this I'll rather stay away from sets and buy things separately...


  6. I love Lush products, especially the bath bombs!

    I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx


  7. I'd never thought about it before but you're right with the quality not being as great as on the shelf products!
    It's probably how they get rid of the ones that aren't good enough to sell separately! ha

    I do adore Lush and their bath bombs though...

    Best wishes, Danielle x