Charlotte Tilbury Wishlist

Charlotte Tilbury is a collection that has been a brand on every blogger and celebrity's lips recently and for good reason, I am yet to see a negative review. Charlotte Tilbury is a makeup artist so you know what you buys really will work.

One of the products I'm especially drawn to is Charlotte's Magic Cream, which Charlotte has been using to prep her clients skin for years and is now finally available to buy! The Luxury Eye Palette is also something I've heard a lot and I can see why with the look of the gorgeous shades, the berry colour looks super pretty. 

Another thing I like about the range is the unusual colour range, I would love to try the violet eyeliner or emerald pencil as I feel they would both compliment my hazel eyes and I havent got anything similar in my collection.

Although I am not going to purchase any of this right away I am feeling hopeful with Christmas just around the corner, 55 days away, crazy stuff!

Have you tried anything from Charlotte Tilbury?



Blue Shirt - ASOS, A-line Skirt - Topshop, Round Sunglasses - ASOS, Black Coat - H&M, Backpack - New Look

Although I may not actually be at school anymore it doesn't stop me from dressing like I am and I quite like it... The shirt and sunglasses are new purchases from ASOS that somehow miraculously were delivered to  the house in Auckland yesterday. As my mother, my usual photographer is away my father had to step in to take these. After a lot of faffing about we managed to get a few and they turned out like this, I'm not the happiest with them but I am grateful. 

What do you think?


Instalife September & October

September and October have seen some of the biggest things in my life happen. To start with in September I attended London Fashion Week which I really enjoyed. A few days after this I then got on a plane to move to New Zealand, this has been a massive change for me and isn't quite as easy as I thought it was going to be. I've also been on holiday to the Gold Coast in AUstralia, it really was lovely and relaxing. We stayed in the Sheraton Mirage Hotel which I would highly recommend if you are ever that way. 

On another note my business cards from Moo arrived and are totally gorgeous, I have had so many compliments on them!

What have you been up to?


Music Picks #1


Photo - MØ aka Karen Marie Ørsted

Today I thought I would share with you something a little different. Music is a big interest of mine (I've seen over 100 bands live and some of them twice) but it isn't something I touch upon on the blog very often, throwback to my playlists here & here

My music taste is pretty wide and full of variety but in this playlist I wanted to take my main inspiration from Grimes, my favourite artist at the moment, and her dance, pop and slightly electric vibes. My friend Hannah introduced me too her a few months ago but I only recently really got into it. Like most good playlists its starts off small and chilled with the likes of BANKS but builds up to a some feel good dance tracks from M83 and Phoenix.

I only heard MØ's cover of 'Say You'll be There' a few days ago but already I cannot stop playing it, never though a spice girls cover could sound this cool. You might remember La Roux from her chart topping hits 'Bulletproof' and 'In for the kill' from a few years ago, five to be exact, but I feel her new releases are much more sophisticated and up my street. 'Sexotheque' and 'Uptight Downtown' are my favourites from the album. The remainder of the music playlist is a mixture of recent release to a few songs from a couple years ago that are sure to get you out your chair and dancing round the room.

I'm thinking of sharing something a bit more rocky next time, let me know what you think...

October Playlist
1. Banks - Beggin For Thread
2. Grimes - Skin
3. MØ - Say You'll Be There
4. Clean Bandit - Dust Clears
5. La Roux - Sexotheque
6. Indiana - Heart on Fire
7. MS MR - Fantasy
8. Crystal Castles - Crimewave
10. Gold Fields - Hold Me
11. Grimes ft Blood Diamonds - Go
12. Phoenix - Entertainment
13. M83 - Midnight City

What artists and bands have you been loving recently?


Topshop Wishlist #2


Oh Topshop, why are you so expensive? As its heading into summer here I cannot justify the purchase of any of this yet *cry* but maybe in a few weeks once I'm back home in the UK… 

What is your favourite item?