Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Floral Fragrances - Daisy Delight & Lovestruck Floral Rush

Vera Wang Floral Rush EDP - £35 (on offer £19.99)

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight EDP -  £44.50 (on offer £26.50)

I have always been a big perfume lover, ever since I was a little girl and I would sneak into my parents bedroom and spritz myself with whatever fragrance graced my mothers dressing table that year. I even have my first proper bottle of perfume I ever owned, a YSL baby doll I got for my eighth birthday from our neighbours, and in my nine years of life from then I have tried many more from my winter favourite Diesel loverdose to celebrity fragrances.

These two perfumes came into my life little over a month ago for my birthday. They are both heavily floral scented and what I would refer to as 'high end' or 'designer'.
Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush EDP £35 - Upon receiving this I was skeptical to see if the fragrance was as gorgeous as the bottle is but I am thrilled to say it is. After a little research I've found that its main scents are champagne, apricot blossom, marigold, freesia and passion flower along with a few other lovely sounding base notes. All of these make for feminine fragrance that despite being very floral still feels fresh and young. The perfume lasts a few hours on me but I do find that perfume doesn't tend to stick to me particularly well so you may finds it lasts on you better.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Delight EDP £44.50 - It is fair to say that the Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume is one of the most popular on the market and I am so glad they have added this limited edition summer fragrance to the range. Compared to my mother's original Daisy I would say this is much fresher and which may be due to one of the top notes being apple. Again this is very feminine and floral with notes of peony, quince flower and iris. I do feel this is actually quite similar to the VW perfume although it does last longer on me so although it is a little pricier you do get your money's worth.

If I were to choose between the two I would go for the Daisy Delight as I love the fruity notes and it is a tad better value for money.

What is your favourite fragrance? 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Monochrome Sandals Under £20

New Look Shoreditch Monochrome Heeled Sandals - £17

It seemed unfair to continue blogging without giving these sandals the credit they deserve. A few weeks ago I had my eye on them in New Look and when I saw them on ASOS  on sale I knew I had to have them. Not only are they super on trend and versatile but last week they served me well on an unexpected four mile walk up a hill in the forest. In the past month I have work these shopping, out to dinner, to my younger brother's speech day as well as many other casual and formal events. 

Monochrome Sandals, I thank you.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Topshop Wishlist #1

Floral Jumpsuit £29, Necklace £8.50, Lipstick 'Ditsy' £8, Flatform Sandals £48, Floppy Hat £28

Topshop have really impressed me recently with their wide range of styles, patterns and garments but being a student with no money I just cannot justify the splurge. They will however remain on my wishlist till next payday…

What is your favourite item?


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Instalife May & June

From left to right: my prom dress,  prom photo with my friends, selfie at prom, graffiti in Bristol, new Haim vinyl, more graffiti, posing for yet anther selfie, my friend Hannah's gorgeous bedroom, outfit photos with Hannah.

 From left to right: Origami my friend Louise made me, Roman Baths in Bath, Los Pollos top letting my breaking bad obsession continue, new set of rings from topshop, baby pug bonnie, festival bands so far, dying Eden's hair pink/red, favourite chocolate, getting creative in reckless journal.

As promised here is my first installment in my instagram series.   May and June saw the end my GCSEs which meant a lot of festivals, day trips, parties and most excitingly prom. 

What have you been up to recently?


Monday, 14 July 2014

Good things...

As you may or may not have noticed I haven't blogged in almost 2 months. Thinking about that is crazy but I have had quite a lot going on in my life to sort out. To start with, May saw the beginning of my GCSEs which practically killed all my free time and social life. At the end of May things were shook up considerably when I was hit with a sudden bout of panic attacks and anxiety. I have been going through a course with a hypnotherapist and although things aren't great, they are considerably better. 

To commemorate my jump back into blogging there are going to be a few changes to Project Rattlebag.

Changes to Project Rattlebag:

- I'm looking into a new blog design so if you are or know any please link them in the comments.

- Posts are going to be up at least twice a week from now on.

- I am considering changing my blog name from 'Project Rattlebag' to 'hattie constance', I would really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think about this.

- Starting tonight I'm going to do a monthly series on my blog about what I've been up to with photos from my instagram.

- I am also going to try to keep a good balance of fashion and beauty from now on as I have a keen interest in both.

- My Facebook page is also going to get a bit more love so make sure to like it here to keep up to date.

- As a thank you I'm going to be doing a giveaway at 750 followers.

Be sure to let me know what you think about the changes!


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

MayLash - Natural Eyelash Serum & Discount Code

Maylash Natural Eyelash Serum RRP £49

This week I have been given the chance to try out this eyelash serum for Maylash, it aims to longer, fuller and darker. My eyelashes have been in a pretty bad state since christmas as my skincare routine has been a bit slack, hopefully this will give them a much needed boost. It takes 2-8 weeks to see the results so my review wil not be up for a while but for now I am able to share a discount code for 30% off. Use the code hattie30 at checkout on MayBeauty.


Friday, 18 April 2014

Studying and Revision Guide

As some of you may be aware, I am currently approaching my GCSE exams. Although it is a stressful time I have found that I am relatively calm (compared to most of my friends). I'm not sure exactly why this is as I have the sam amount of work as most have at this time but I thought I would share some of my studying and revision tips...

Revision Timetable - For me making a revision timetabel was all about making sure that I had enough time to do each subject as I am doing both art and textiles which means a lot of coursework. 

Background Music - Although this doesn't work for everyone I personally find that good upbeat background music helps me to stay motivated especially if it is something I find challenging.

Days or Evenings Off - When you are in the midst of exams it can seem a strange idea to stop working but I'm pretty sure I wouldnt have been able to continue revising without something to look forward to.

Snacks and Drinks - Despite probably not being the best in the long run I do quite like having a little snack to nibble on and a drink. This week I made my own honey roasted almonds and bought a few cartons of vita coco.

Colour Coding Highlighters - This is something I picked up whilst having a session with an english tutor. I found using different coloured highlighters for highlighting different themes in my books allowed it to become much clearer to me.

Work Station - For the first two days of Easter holidays I worked downstairs, what a mistake. My house is always busy so dogs, builders, family and friends were constantly rushing through and distracting me. I know it isn't possible for everyone but having moved up to a desk in my own room I know that I am so much more focussed. 

Good Luck!


Friday, 4 April 2014

March Beauty Favourites

April has finally arrived and although that means the beginning of summer for some, to me it starts the 10 week period of GCSE exams. Because of this through April I have been wearing minimal makeup as I have had a lot of days studying at home and even my skincare routine has dropped down to bare minimum. Despite this I do have some products which I have been using religiously...

Korres Sunflower and Mountain Tree shampoo - Being the first the first product I have bought from Korres I had high expectations and luckily it did not disappoint. It is aimed for coloured hair (mine is Ombre) and claims to 'protect colour and deeply moisturise.' In terms of colour protection I haven't noticed a difference but as for the moisturising, well, it works a treat. The ends of my hair that are usually dry and frizzy have totally calmed down and just feel so much smoother and softer. It may sound silly but the other nice thing about this shampoo is that it really makes my hair feel clean. So many times have I used moisturising products only to find my hair feel greasy after washing. I also purchased the conditioner with this but I don't feel that is particularly special.

Origins Drink up Mask - I feel like a shame to the beauty blogging world this month as my skincare routine has been so sporadic. Luckily I have managed to use this mask every now and then to give it a bit of a boost. Although I sometimes do use it as an overnight mask on my whole face I equally use it lightly underneath my normal overnight moisturiser on dry patches. See a more in depth review here.

Loreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover - Although this isn't a product I would urge you to run out and buy I thought I would mention it at I have been using it often and it does the job of removing eye makeup very well and is a bargain price too.

NUXE Reve Du Miel Lip Balm - This year I really haven't had dry lips at all and I have this to thank. I pop on a thin layer in the morning and then a thick layer before bed and it keeps my lips lovely and moisturised. A good thing about this balm is that it is matte so you can apply a lipstick afterwards and not worry about it looking like a disco ball.

Loral True Match Foundation 'ivory' - Despite an initial love/hate relationship with this foundation I think I have now firmly fallen into the love category. It offers a good amount of buildable coverage,  the shade range is amazing and the finish is fairly natural. My only problem is that if not applied well it can look slightly cakey Make sure to use a good buffing brush and primer.

Maybelline Brow Drama 'Dark Brown' - This is a eyebrow gel that tames and tinted the eyebrows on a budget. I like the shape of the brush and the formula as it makes it very quick to apply. Most days I have just been wearing foundation, blush and a swipe of this through my eyebrows!

Nails Inc Kensington Caviar Top Coat - I actually got this in a Nails inc glitter set I found for £1.50, my best charity shop bargain to date! It is tough dry within seconds and leave nails super glossy. My only problem with this is the price, £12 for a full size (mine is a mini version).

Let me know what products you have been using through March!


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