Sharks and Shades

Heeled Boots - Glassons
Sunglasses - Cotton On
Bracelet - New Look
Coat - H&M

Hi, my name is Hattie, you may remember me. I've been blogging on this little space for the best part of three years but I've recently taken a break over the Christmas period. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I am back.

This outfit is actually one I wore early December for attending the Bloggers Brunch Club. All black is definitely my go to look when I don't know what to wear, I feel it always works and allows for some interesting makeup. These shots were taken by the Museum Art Hotel where I was staying and they are definitely my favourite to be featured on my blog.

What do you think of this outfit?


Meet My November Advertisers

Hello! My name is Paige and I am a teenage girl who has a passion for blogging and graphic design. I love blogging and I have met the most wonderful people through it. I post lifestyle posts, with a hint of beauty and nails. Why not pop over, I would love to see you!

My name is Emily, I'm happily married and I love writing about fashion, beauty, photography and all things girlie. Come on over to my little part of the internet at www.emilyhearts.com where I write about all that and more. 

Little Miss Katy is a UK Lifestyle Blog about (funnily enough) Life. I write relatable and (I think) funny posts about everything from trips to the zoo to astrology, from restaurant reviews to fashion trends, and from makeup to the best things that have happened this week! I started blogging 7 months ago and the thing that has kept me going in the community. I really want my blog to be a happy, friendly place. A virtual haven where you can come on over and we can catch up over coffee and (lots of) cake. BE SILLY, BE HONEST, BE KIND.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found some new blogs to follow here!


ASOS Wishlist #1

Even though black friday pretty much cleared out my black balance I thought I would share some of my favourites from ASOS as they are still running 20% off EVERYTHING till Tuesday 8am. ASOS is certainly my favourite online shopping destination as they stock so many brands and the free shipping to New Zealand makes it perfect!

Let me know if you got any good deals this weekend?


Blogger Q & A - Little Miss Katy

Tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi, my name is Katy. I'm 23 and a receptionist in Central London. I grew up in lovely sunny Mallorca with my amazing family, then moved to the UK to study Musical Theatre at uni, and now I live with three fab housemates in a teeny-tiny flat.

I have a fab boyfriend (who puts up with all kinds of madness from me, bless him!), brilliant friends (ditto) and a great job where I can work on my own projects whilst earning that all-important rent money.

I like colourful socks, adventures, pens, pizza, fresh flowers, new notebooks, tapas, peanut butter, the seaside, musical theatre, fairy lights, sushi and gin. I hate olives, am petrified of amphibians and tend to trip up over my own feet. I’ve broken every mobile phone I’ve ever owned, frequently drink too much wine and tend to talk my way through films.

I’m critically untidy, sliiightly dramatic and often get told I talk too much...

What inspired you to start a blog?
To be totally honest with you: I was bored. I work pretty long hours at my job, but the actual work is super easy and not time-consuming at all. Which means that for probably 7h of my working day, I'm left to my own devices on the computer.

This was GREAT when I first started (because woohoo I can sit on Buzzfeed all day!) but got pretty boring after a couple of months. I started a long-distance creative writing course but really struggled to motivate myself to work on it (I'm hoping to finish it one day though). Then I started reading blogs and got involved with the community, and quickly I realised I wanted to start writing my own.

And so Little Miss Katy was born!

What is your favourite part about blogging?
I love pretty much everything about blogging. The writing, the photography, the social media, the testing of products, the making lists... but I know that I'd struggle to motivate myself without the amazing daily contact I have with my readers and other bloggers. 

I love that there's always someone to have a chat with on Twitter. And I've met a whole bunch of my fave bloggers in person and everyone (so far) has been utterly lovely!

So I'd say the community is my absolute favouritest bit :)

What camera do you use to take your photos? Do you have any photography tips?
I use either a Canon 1100D DSLR to take most of my photos, but I also use my iPhone 4S to take a lot of them, especially if I really can't be bothered to lug my massive camera around with me all day!

Tips: Don't feel pressured into getting a DSLR cos iPhone pics can be just as good, especially if you're a beginner.

If you're using a DSLR, take a class. Get to know your gear, how to work it and what you can get out of it (I really need to take my own advice as I haven't done this yet!!)

And learn how to edit! Even just upping the brightness and contrast slightly can make SUCH a difference to the quality of your pics.

What are a few of your holy grail products?
I'm a massive advocate of Pond's Institute Cold Cream Cleanser. I've tried tons of products before and since, and NOTHING has matched this. My skin is literally the best it's ever been since I started using it. Gentle but deep cleansing, doesn't sting the eyes and GREAT for sensitive skin. (You can read my full review on the blog!)

I've also been trialing Rodial's Stemcell moisturising range recently and am a bit in love with their facial oil. Great for locking in moisture in Winter!

Makeup-wise: I adore Makeup Revolution's eyeshadows, Collection's concealer and No.7 Exceptional Definition Mascara. Best mascara I've ever used!!!

What are your top three winter wardrobe staples?
Right now I'm loving all my knitted jumpers, my cosy black wool coat and my tartan blanket scarves.

And if I'm allowed one more: my ripped skinny jeans. Probably not a proper Winter item but I just love them!

Where is your favourite place to go for a meal?
There's a fabulous tapas restaurant in Clapham called Carmen. My boyfriend and I go so often that I'm pretty much on first name terms with all the waiters (it helps that I can talk to them in Spanish!). Their food is AMAZING, the wine is great and the service is faultless. Definitely check it out if you have the chance!



My Fitness Routine

Woah, if there ever was a big rambling post this is probably it. 

For the longest time I have wanted to get fit but I have never really committed to anything for more than a week or two before getting bored or giving up. When I moved to New Zealand I knew it was time for a complete lifestyle overhaul.

Now I have never been particularly unhealthy but I was relatively inactive. Apart from a bit of sports at school and the occasional bike ride. I am a HUGE fan of blogilates so once I moved into my new house I bought Cassey's Fit Journal and her 8 week clean eating guide. I subsequently joined a gym and started attending classes.

Before I really get into this post I just want to say that I am not any kind of dietitian or fitness expert, I have only been doing the following for a few weeks myself. This kind of thing is very personal so what I write is to show my own experience and routine rather than tell you what is best, everyone is different.

Food & Drink

Clean Eating - The biggest challenge I have faced by far is trying to eat clean on the Blogilates Meal Plan for 6 days of the week. If you don't know what clean eating is it is basically just having whole, unprocessed foods (as much as will allow) that are as close to their natural source as possible. Still living at home means that meals have to be suitable for the whole family, including a 13 year old brother, so for me the term 'clean eating' is used a little loosely. 

Green Tea - In an effort to boost my metabolism I have been drinking Green Tea everyday. Generally I have one mug mid morning and then another cup after dinner whilst chilling out on the sofa. Now I'm not going to lie, I find green tea to taste pretty gross I honestly do. When I first started drinking it I was literally gagging (unpleasant but true) but now I manage to get it down rather pleasantly. After trying various brands I have settled on Twinings as my green tea of choice.

YOLO Meals - As earlier mentioned I live at home so every weekend my family like to go out for a meal and this is when I have whatever I like, my 'YOLO' meal as Cassey calls it. Sometimes this ends up being two or three breakfasts, lunches or dinners due to unexpected circumstances but I try not to beat myself up about it. I don't want eating a certain way to rule my life and what I do. That said I now find that when I do go for a restaurant I find myself getting something on the healthier side as I enjoy it more and it makes be feel so much better.


Gym & Classes - I am currently part of my local gym which is pretty big and also offers a variety of classes. At the moment I am on a two day plan of circuit training at the gym that a personal trainer helped me with, one day for arms and one day for legs and abs. Along with this I attend two Zumba classes a week which I have really been enjoying and I have just done my 3rd kickboxing class which I am finding super fun and even bought my own baby pink boxing wraps for.

30 Day Shred - This is something I have wanted to do for a long while. If you haven't heard of it it is essentially three 25 minute fitness videos on three different levels that combine strength, cardio and abs for the most efficient workout. You are meant to do one level every day for 10 days and then move onto to the next, meaning you are exercising for 30 consecutive days. For me this has been a challenge so I only do the videos for 5 or 6 days a week. I am currently midway through level 2 but once I finish I will do a blog post to let you know how I got on. 

Blogilates - I have been aware of pilates instructor Cassey Ho's youtube channel for a long time and often do some of her pilates videos (That's what makes you bootiful and Drive by Inner Thighs are a couple of my favourites). Her videos can range from 3 to 20 minutes long but are always upbeat and super exhausting. At the moment I am focussing on other ways to exercise and only do a couple videos a week as a bit of fun but I am still a massive advocate of Blogilates and would recommend anyone to give it a go!

Now i know that this looks like a lot of exercise but I actually workout on for an average of an hour a day and I take rest days, nothing too crazy.


Fit Journal 2.0 - This baby was ordered online a few weeks ago from Cassey's shop. Each day you list what you have been eating, how much water you drank, how many hours sleep you got, what workouts you did and how you felt. I find that this makes me want to stick to eating well and also I am able to see the trends in what makes me more energised and awake. It also includes shopping lists, motivational images and quotes as well as other handy things. What I really like about this is that it has a focus on how you are feeling rather than losing wight.

Sports Clothing - I love going to Rebel Sports in Albany and picking up some sporting gear. This sports bra is one of my favourites and is from Adidas, much like the rest of my workout wardrobe. Adidas is pretty affordable here in NZ and is generally also 30% off the entire range.

Music - A good playlist makes or breaks a workout for me, if I forget my ipod at the gym I feel so unmotivated and barely do anything. Check out my Dance playlist here which is one I regularly use.

With this whole lifestyle change for me I do really see it as being all in the attitude you take towards it and the mindset. I have never been so determined to get healthy and fit and the fact that I am starting college in February is a huge motivation for me. 

This is a very different kind of post for me, what do you think?